SALT Galata

founded by Garanti
Bankalar Caddesi 11
Karaköy 34420 İstanbul Türkiye
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T +90 212 334 22 00
F +90 212 292 16 67


founded by Garanti
Atatürk Bulvarı 12
Ulus 06250 Ankara Türkiye
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T +90 312 324 30 24

SALT is free.

SALT Research:
SALT Research Funds:
Public Programs:
SALT Ulus:
Events & Venues:

Individual e-mail-addresses follow the pattern:

Identity and website design: Project Projects
Development: Project Projects and Aaron Gemmill

SALT Galata:

Tues-Sat 12.00-20.00
Sun 12.00-18.00

SALT Ulus:

Tues-Sat 11.00-18.00
Thurs 12.00-20.00

* Closed on the first and second days of Eid and Greater Eid, and New Year's Day.

SALT Research:

Tues-Sat 10.00-20.00
Sun 12.00-18.00

* Closed on the Eid and Greater Eid, and national holidays.
* Closed on Sundays during July and August.

SALT Beyoğlu:

Temporarily closed for construction.