Every inclusion is an exclusion
of other possibilities
Collectors in conversation

Salt Beyoğlu

June 9, 2015 16.00 – 19.00

Still from the video Swinging on the Stars (2013) by Hale Tenger Hale Tenger’in <i>Yıldızlarda Dans</i> (2013) videosundan bir kare
Sanatçı, Galeri Nev ile Tüten ve Agah Uğur Koleksiyonu’nun izniyle
Still from the video Swinging on the Stars (2013) by Hale Tenger
Courtesy the artist, Galeri Nev, and Collection of Tüten and Agah Uğur

SALT Beyoğlu, Walk-in Cinema

Organized within the scope of Every inclusion is an exclusion of other possibilities, this conversation program will take place on the opening day of the exhibition, which brings together aspects of three private, independent collections in order to open a dialogue and critique around the act of collecting and to publicly share the works they have come to hold. Included works have been selected from the private collections of Bilge and Haro Cümbüşyan, Ayşe and Saruhan Doğan, and Tüten and Agah Uğur.

The talks will be held in Turkish.


Introduction by Vasıf Kortun

Haro Cümbüşyan, Saruhan Doğan and Agah Uğur in conversation, moderated by Merve Çağlar

This conversation will explore the positives, the pitfalls and the issues of collecting in Turkey in a personal private capacity. How does one start to collect? Why are certain choices over others? And how do relationships with artists, gallerists and peers define a collection? The conversation will touch upon the specificities of the rising and falling contemporary art market, and economy, in Istanbul over the last ten years and how this has informed and directed the rhythm of collecting and choices made by the collectors. It will also refer to initiatives that work with collectors to offer further possibilities for artistic production and support of non-profit ventures.

17.15 Break

Each collector is paired with an artist whose work is held in their collection.

18.30 Q&A