Is this our last chance?
Utopia Revisited

Salt Beyoğlu

December 15, 2018 19.00

5 Utopiarevisited 2018 <i>Utopia Revisited</i> [Ütopya Zamanı] (2018) filminden bir kare 
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Still from Utopia Revisited (2018)
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Walk-in Cinema

Utopia Revisited (2018)
Director: Kurt Langbein
91 minutes
German and English; Turkish and English subtitles

The market economy has brought prosperity to developed countries – at the expense of other continents and with growing inequality. But apart from capitalism, is there even a social model worth discussing? Protagonists of four different projects say yes and in Utopia Revisited (2018) take us on their personal journey to the promising possibilities of solidarity: to live fair and to preserve nature are direct “reward.”

Stories told throughout this film are supplemented by experts who see the larger context and give valuable insights into the economic importance of cooperation and moderate economic development rather than unlimited growth. A cinematic expedition to the pioneers of a new society, the film will be screened for the first time in Turkey.

This public screening is free. Reservations are not accepted.