BAŞKA SİNEMA Film Screenings

Salt Beyoğlu

July 9 – August 6, 2019

Highlife 2019 <i>High Life</i> (2019) filminden bir kare ©A24
A still from High Life (2019) ©A24
SALT presents a selection of award-winning feature-length films as part of a public program organized in collaboration with BAŞKA SİNEMA. The screenings, which will take place every Tuesday between July 9 and August 6 in the Walk-in Cinema at SALT Beyoğlu, will begin with Sebastián Silva’s 2015 film Nasty Baby.

JULY 9, 19.00
Sebastián Silva, Nasty Baby, 2015
English; Turkish subtitles (101 minutes)
65th Berlin International Film Festival Teddy Award

JULY 16, 19.00
Dominique Rocher, La nuit a dévoré le monde [The Night Eats the World], 2018
French, Norwegian, English; Turkish subtitles (93 minutes)
37th Molins Film Festival Jury Prize

JULY 23, 19.00
Claire Denis, High Life, 2019
English; Turkish subtitles (110 minutes)
66th San Sebastián Film Festival FIPRESCI Award
45th Film Fest Gent The George Delerue Award for Best Music

JULY 30, 19.00
Hubert Canaval, Macht Energie. Energized, 2014
English; Turkish subtitles (92 minutes)

AUGUST 6, 19.00
Jean-Luc Godard, Adieu au langage [Goodbye to Language], 2015
French, English, German; Turkish subtitles (70 minutes)
67th Cannes Film Festival Jury Prize - Palm Dog Award

In accordance with Article 7 of Law No. 5224 amended on 18.01.2019,
films that have not been assessed and classified by the General Directorate of Cinema, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Republic of Turkey, can only be screened under the classification of 18+ at festivals, special screenings or similar culture and arts events.