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Salt Beyoğlu

December 5, 2019 19.00

Mid90s 2018 <i>mid90s</i> [90’lar Ortası] (2018) filminden bir kare ©A24
Still from mid90s (2018) ©A24
Walk-in Cinema

mid90s (2018)
Director: Jonah Hill
85 minutes
English; Turkish subtitles

13 year-old Stevie lives in Los Angeles with a mostly absent mother and a bullying brother. Always thrilled to hang around older kids, he goes through some changes after meeting a group of “cool” skateboarders on a summer day. Drifting into an adventurous social circle, Stevie replaces his Ninja Turtles poster with a pin-up girl, takes his first cigarette puff, spends hours skateboarding, and ultimately pushes all the boundaries only to prove himself to the crew.

Written and directed by well-known actor Jonah Hill, mid90s (2018) is a deeply personal story of growing up as an average American boy in the 90s. Mixtapes, VHS camcorders, skateboards, and video games are at the forefront of this coming-of-age comedy-drama, which also reveals some harsh truths on race, class, and privilege.

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