SALT Research
Cengiz Bektaş Archive

Tcbh2005008 Ankara’daki Türk Dil Kurumu binası, 1974
SALT Araştırma, Cengiz Bektaş Arşivi
Turkish Language Society Building in Ankara, 1974
SALT Research, Cengiz Bektaş Archive
The process of cataloguing and digitizing the Cengiz Bektaş (1934-2020) archive has been ongoing since 2016. This collection brings together material from the architect’s professional production spanning 60 years, as well as his personal life. In addition to drawings and sketches of his projects, the archive includes research documents, correspondence, contracts and “Mavi Yolculuk” [Blue Journey] maps. The substantial collection of photographs Bektaş took during his travels in and outside Turkey comprises a large part of this archive.

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