Online Screening:
Google and the World Brain

April 3 – April 17, 2020

Google And The World Brain <i>Google and the World Brain</i> [Google ve Dünyanın Beyni] (2013) filminden bir kare ©Polar Star Films<br />
Still from the film Google and the World Brain (2013) ©Polar Star Films

SALT Online YouTube Channel

The most ambitious project ever conceived on the Internet: Google’s master plan to scan every book in the world. The tech giant always states that they only aim to build a digital library for humanity but some believe they have other intentions with this controversial attempt.

Part of the 56th Library Week, SALT screens Ben Lewis’ award-winning documentary Google and the World Brain online. The 2013 film (90 minutes, English with Turkish subtitles) is available to watch on SALT Online YouTube channel between April 3-17.