New Approaches to Data
Presentation by CLEVER°FRANKE


JUNE 17, 2021 19.00

AI & Data Narratives: Tools for Creating New Meanings
SALT Online YouTube Channel

A data design and technology company based in Utrecht, the Netherlands, CLEVER°FRANKE will make an online presentation on using data to create interactive products and experiences as part of the ongoing program series New Approaches to Data. Aiming to develop unique solutions that drive impact as well as inspire change by venturing into the uncharted, the company has worked with clients such as Google, Warner Music Group, Cisco along with The New York Times and Wired.

Basing their work on experience and theoretical knowledge, CLEVER°FRANKE will discuss the use of knowledge of design, the power of data, and cutting-edge technologies to create powerful tools and new narratives. The presentation will also highlight different strategies for interactive data visualization, and the importance of choices made during this creation process not to lose perspective.

The public program (in English) will be livestreamed on SALT Online YouTube channel.

About the program series
New Approaches to Data focuses on the Istanbul Encyclopedia Archive taken over by Kadir Has University, and the three-year project conducted in collaboration with SALT to digitize this comprehensive archive and provide public access through an online software. Hosting invited tech professionals as well as artists and researchers from the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, information system design, and digital archive infrastructures, the public program series is organized by Digilogue, which has joined in the project as the digital infrastructure and system development partner. Founded by Zorlu Holding and Zorlu Performing Arts Center, Digilogue aims to contribute to the ongoing digitization process of Reşad Ekrem Koçu’s unique Istanbul Encyclopedia, by providing a platform to critically evaluate the contemporary systems proposed during the New Approaches to Data programs.