Salt's New Visual Identity

Salt’s new visual identity functions as a static symbol and positions the institution in connection with its founder, Garanti BBVA.

In the new logo designed by Yetkin Başarır, the letters forming the institution’s name emerge from a single line, which alludes to Salt’s open, experimental and participatory character, encouraging new questions and interpretations.

Salt’s new logo will be used in all communication planned for its exhibitions and programs.
About the Kraliçe Typeface Program (2011-2021)

The Kraliçe typeface was in use during Salt’s first ten years.

Designed by Project Projects (now Wkshps) based in New York, Kraliçe suggested an open typographic system that accommodated the different perspectives and necessities of designers. The institution’s sign was created with a typeface using the letters S-A-L-T, and designers were invited to reinterpret these four letters periodically reframing both the typeface and the institution’s identity.