Online Screening:
How Buildings Learn
Part 3: Built for Change


October 17 – November 13, 2022

Painted Ladies Painted Ladies [Boyalı Hanımlar], San Francisco<br/>Kaynak: Wikipedia<br />
Painted Ladies, San Francisco
Source: Wikipedia
How Buildings Learn (1997)
Episode 3: Built for Change
Writer/Presenter: Stewart Brand
Director: Kate Misrahi
Production Company: BBC TV
29 minutes
English; Turkish subtitles

Salt presents an online screening of How Buildings Learn, a six-part documentary that offers insight into how buildings change over time to meet the varying needs of their inhabitants.

The third episode examines the concept of adaptability in the design process through a selection of buildings that can be modified and repurposed as the needs of their inhabitants change. Brand particularly looks at Victorian buildings in San Francisco and how their design has enabled these buildings to be adapted to changing requirements.

Written by Stewart Brand in 1994 and adapted into a television series by BBC in 1997, How Buildings Learn offers a critique of modernist approaches to architecture and argues for “an organic kind of building, which is easy to change and grow as the ideal form of building.” Refusing the “center out” understanding of design, Brand adopts an evolutionary approach where users can change the functions of a building to meet their varying needs.

Each episode will be uploaded weekly, and can be accessed online until November 13 via

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