Depar: "We were once organized"

Salt Beyoğlu

March 16, 2013 14.00

Taksim Square (01.05.1977)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Taksim Meydani (01.05.1977)<br />
Levent Semerci Arastirma Arsivi (Fotografçisi bilinmiyor)
Taksim Square (01.05.1977)

Archive: Levent Semerci Araştırma Arşivi (Photographer unknown)

SALT Beyoğlu, Walk-in Cinema

The first part of “We were once organized,” will address the notions of cinema, theater and music in the second half of the 1970s. In the second part of the program, Vecdi Sayar’s documentary on Kuşadası Culture and Arts Festival (September 8-11, 1980) and the first day of the coup d’état (September 12, 1980) will be screened.
14.00-19.30 Talks
Moderator: Vecdi Sayar
14.00 Yavuz Özkan, Left-wing Cinema
14.45 Commentary: Hüseyin Karabey
15.15 Coffee break
15.30 Seçkin Selvi, Rise of revolutionary theater
16.15 Commentary: Memet Ali Alabora
16.45 Başar Sabuncu, “Decentralization” of City Theaters
17.30 Coffee break
17.45 Commentary: Aslı Öngören
18.15 Sarper Özsan, Left-wing music (Political music and organizations)
19.00 Commentary: Aylin Aslım

All talks will be held in Turkish.

19.30 Screening and Discussion
Vecdi Sayar’s documentary (Turkish; without subtitles) on Kuşadası Culture and Arts Festival (September 8-11, 1980) and the first day of the coup d’état (September 12, 1980). A discussion between the participants will follow the screening.
Vecdi Sayar
Columnist, film critic, stage designer, and lecturer Vecdi Sayar graduated from Middle Eastern Technical University (METU) Faculty of Architecture. He worked as a stage and costume designer for Ankara Sanat Tiyatrosu, Modern Sahne and İstanbul City Theaters. Sayar directed Ankara and İstanbul Sinematek, worked as a consultant for the Ministry of Culture and cultural attache in Paris, France. He also worked for İstanbul International Film Festival during its early years and for many other festivals in Turkey.

Yavuz Özkan
Yavuz Özkan started his career with Yarış in 1975 and continued as a director, scriptwriter and producer. He received awards for his films Maden (1978), Demiryol (1979), Ateş Üstünde Yürümek (1991), İki Kadın (1992), Bir Sonbahar Hikayesi (1994) and Yengeç Sepeti (1994). Özkan is an active member of cinema workers organizations and campaigns against censorship in cinema.

Hüseyin Karabey
Hüseyin Karabey graduated from the department of Film and Cinema at Marmara University in 2001. He started his film career in 1994 as an assistant director. In 1999 Karabey won an award at the 36th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival with his short film Boran (1999). His feature films Gitmek: Benim Marlon ve Brandom (2008) and Unutma Beni İstanbul (2011) have been screened and won awards in international film festivals. Karabey recently finished his last film Sesime Gel in 2012.

Seçkin Selvi
Seçkin Selvi, critic, translator, costume designer and lecturer, graduated from Ankara University Department of English Language and Literature. Selvi joined the touring theater of Teachers’ Union of Turkey (TÖS) and together with Sermet Çağan they established “Sahne Z”. Between 1970 and 1982 Seçkin Selvi and Tanju Cılızoğlu published Tiyatro 70. As a theater critic she has published in several journals and newspapers and translated 135 books into Turkish.

Memet Ali Alabora
Memet Ali Alabora, actor and lecturer, graduated from the Theater Department of the İstanbul University State Conservatory. He received his Master’s degree from Yıldız Technical University’s Faculty of Art and Design. Recently he directed and played in Mi Minör. Alabora is the current chairman of the Actors’ Union of Turkey.

Başar Sabuncu
Script-writer, translator, stage designer, theatre and film director Başar Sabuncu graduated from İstanbul University Department of French Language and Literature. He has directed more than 30 plays both at private and state theaters and his first play Kargalar (1962), which he wrote at the age of 19, was performed at the State Theatre in 1962. Sabuncu is one of the pioneers of the decentralization period in İstanbul Municipal Theaters in 1974. He directed Çıplak Vatandaş (1985), Asılacak Kadın (1986), Kupa Kızı (1986), Zengin Mutfağı (1988) and Yolcu (1994).

Aslı Öngören
Theater director, actress and writer Aslı Öngören graduated from Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory Department of Theater. Her first theater experience was Oyun Nasıl Oynanmalı, directed by her father Vasıf Öngören. Öngören won an award with Yel mi, Değirmen mi? and she is on the board of Association for İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters (İŞTİSAN).

Sarper Özsan
Sarper Ösan, graduate of Ankara State Conservatory Department of Composition, is the composer of “May 1” (1974) march. For many years he was a lecturer at Mimar Sinan University State Conservatory. In 1989 Özsan received an award at the Ankara Film Festival for his composition Av Zamanı (1988).

Aylin Aslım
Aylin Aslım started her music career with the rock band Zeytin, in later years she sang in several rock and electronica bands, attended national and international concerts and worked as the music director of the H2000 festival. She has composed songs for feature films and has taken part in social projects such as “Savaşa Hiç Gerek Yok”, “Güldünya Şarkıları” and “Hayata Artı”.