Sarkis and
"When Attitudes Become Form"

51 pages, 2013
Sarkis and "When Attitudes Become Form" is an oral history project by curator and art critic Nazlı Gürlek. It presents a compilation of three interviews conducted with Sarkis at his studio in Villejuif, Paris on three separate occasions in January 2011 and December 2012. The text is accompanied by photographs from the personal archive of the artist.

Taking as its starting point the 1969 exhibition entitled When Attitudes Become Form, the publication creates a critically and intellectually fertile ground where Sarkis' thought processes of the 1960s can be understood as part of the relationship between art and transformed production and exhibition contexts, within the dynamics of interpersonal relationships and the international art system.

Interview: Nazlı Gürlek
Translation: g yayın grubu
Book design: Project Projects
Artwork: Gülsüm Kekeç
ISBN: 978-9944-731-36-2


  • Sarkis and “When Attitudes Become Form”