Talk: The Grup Grip-in Collective

Salt Galata

October 1, 2013 19.00

From the project Index and Circulation: Driftmentary at SALT Galata                                                                                                                                                                                             SALT Galata’daki <i>Dizin ve Dolaşım: Driftmentary</i> projesinden
From the project Index and Circulation: Driftmentary at SALT Galata
The Grup Grip-in Collective, established by Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin and his former students Ali Cindoruk, Eray Makal and Erhan Muratoğlu in 1991, reinterpreted Alptekin’s archive in September 2013 at SALT Galata. In the context of the project, titled Index and Circulation: Driftmentary, the Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin Archive has been indexed and transformed into a textual listing. The project aims to draw interrelations between the indexical and artistic approach of Alptekin. The listing available in the Café at SALT Galata represents the whole archive, while the objects and images displayed in SALT Research examine the relationship between the index and archive.

In their talk at SALT Galata, the Grup Grip-in Collective members will discuss the process of the project and examine its relationship with the concepts that Alptekin often referred to, such as circulation, heterotopia, intertextuality and appropriation.

The talk will be held in Turkish.

Ali Cindoruk works on commission, collective, initiation-based interdisciplinary design in İstanbul and New York.
Eray Makal is owner of the design studio 12punto, a lecturer in İstanbul Bilgi University and the creative director of the magazine GQ Türkiye.
Erhan Muratoğlu currently teaches part time in METU, Department of Industrial Design. He was one of the founding members of NOMAD, an association working on digital art and culture and was in the organizing committee of ctrl_alt_del sound-art project.