Scattered Sounds
Görkem Han Jr.

Salt Beyoğlu

April 8, 2015 19.00

SALT Beyoğlu, Walk-in Cinema

With the release of his single “Shattered” in November 2014, the third event in the Scattered Sounds series begins with a performance by Görkem Han Jr. To follow is a performance of layered sounds by Seretan (Özcan Ertek), graduate of Red Bull Music Academy.

Görkem Han Jr. was initiated as a project and begun as a solo ambient/down-tempo genre production during the first months of 2013 by Görkem Han. With 13 singles and an EP release, Görkem Han currently continues his vocal studies at Hacettepe University State Conservatory Jazz Department.

Seretan uses sequencers, drum machines and samplers to create distinct style of music based on additive structures, sustained textures and unusual combination of sounds. Seretan was part of the Red Bull Music Academy in New York in May 2013.

Organized in collaboration with Red Bull Music Academy

Free admission