Scattered Sounds
Barkın Engin & Tuna Pase

Salt Beyoğlu

April 22, 2015 19.00

SALT Beyoğlu, Walk-in Cinema

The final event in the Scattered Sounds series opens with an eerie performance created by the theremin instrument of Cihan Gülbudak’s performing under the name Meczup in the Walk-in Cinema at SALT Beyoğlu. With the release of their 2014 album “Hazy Star,” the series comes to a close with a final performance by Barkın Engin & Tuna Pase.

Meczup not only uses theremin for composition, but also utilizes the signals produced through theremin and makes them polyphonic using loop pedals; changing the emphasis put on them via the effects added to the multichanneled melodies that are the byproducts of the said process.

Barkın Engin & Tuna Pase collaborated on their first album “Hazy Stars” which was released in October 2014 on the duo’s Bandcamp page. The duo share their new work before their upcoming second album via various concert

Organized in collaboration with Red Bull Music Academy

Free admission