Lecture perfor­mance: Trailer

Erinç Aslanboğa, Natalie Heller & Bahar Temiz

Salt Beyoğlu

Erinç Aslanboğa, Natalie Heller & Bahar Temiz, Trailer, 2015 Erinç Aslanboğa, Natalie Heller ve Bahar Temiz, <i>İz Sürücü</i>, 2015
Fotoğraf: Irmak Altıner
Erinç Aslanboğa, Natalie Heller & Bahar Temiz, Trailer, 2015
Photo: Irmak Altıner

SALT Beyoğlu, Floor 3
March 11-April 3
Wednesday and Friday: 18.30, Sunday: 16.30

Specially commissioned for the exhibition A Century of Centuries, Trailer (2015) is a series of lecture performances conceived and performed by dance artists Erinç Aslanboğa, Natalie Heller and Bahar Temiz that look into notions of personal and collective memory by gathering elements from the past and reorganizing them in a performative frame.

The lectures investigate the possibility of creating a space where one can navigate between past, present and future, fiction and reality, and by extension experience their simultaneous occurrence.

How do we knit the stories we tell?

What elements from the past trail into the present?

How do we take hold of a memory?

Music: “Ah Yalan Dünya” by Neşet Ertaş, “In Be Tween Noise” by Steve Roden, “Merdiven” by Tamburada, and “Oboe Concerto in D Minor: II. Adagio” by Alessandro Marcello, played by Erentuğ Turan

Text: “Creative Evolution” (1907) by Henri Bergson and “The Collective Memory” (1980) by Maurice Halbwachs