Medi­terranean Talks

Salt Galata

Photo: Elif Simge Fettahoğlu Fotoğraf: Elif Simge Fettahoğlu
Photo: Elif Simge Fettahoğlu

April 15 and May 15, 19.00
SALT Galata, Workshop II-III

Mediterranean Talks is a lecture-discussion series organized to raise a deeper awareness of the geographic space we live in and make apparent its inspiring aspects for those dealing with spatial culture. The talks, organized by Burcu Kütükçüoğlu from Istanbul Bilgi University in parallel to her courses and research about the Mediterranean, aim to examine the spatial identities, continuities and differences within the region through the history of its natural and built environment.

The content of the talks that will be given by scholars working on the Mediterranean geography, focus on the time frame from the beginning of the 19th century to today, while the content scans larger geographic and thematic areas. The series, which is planned in accordance with sources available in SALT Research, opens discussions on the new identities that the Mediterranean geography, landscape and spatial culture have gained in the modern world and the types of relationships and meanings they produce in it.

The talks will be held in English.

April 15
Mediterranean Talks I: Jala Makhzoumi
Fluid Narratives: Alternative Framing of Mediterranean Landscapes

May 15
Mediterranean Talks II: Kalliopi Amygdalou
From Paris to Izmir and Thessaloniki through Rome: Henri Prost and Ernest Hébrard outside the metropolis