Thursday Cinema
On Kadın [Ten Women]

Salt Beyoğlu

November 5, 2015 19.00

Still from On Kadın [Ten Women] (1987) <i>On Kadın</i> (1987) filminden bir kare ©Uzman Filmcilik
Still from On Kadın [Ten Women] (1987) ©Uzman Filmcilik

SALT Beyoğlu, Walk-in Cinema

On Kadın [Ten Women] (1987)
Director: Şerif Gören
98 minutes
Turkish; English subtitles

Despite its title, due to financial restrictions the film comprises of only nine chapters, within each Türkan Şoray bringing to life a different female stereotype; from villager to feminist. The film touches on various social topics of the time in Turkey such as the Caretta Caretta sea turtle campaign, second wave feminist movement, and struggles of detained acquaintances. The stories also make reference to the changes in everyday life; the import of instant coffee into the country, increase in number of sports centers, and the boom of the advertising industry.

The film contains nudity. Only suitable for people aged 18 or older.

Program is free. Reservations are not accepted.

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