Presen­tation: Mårten Spångberg


OCTOBER 21, 2011 19.00

Swedish curator, critic and educator Mårten Spångberg’s book Spangberianism poses serious questions around the current stale state of dance criticism in Europe and beyond, exposing what we take for granted and what assumptions we hide behind in the artistic field. He challenges the mechanisms of producing and distributing, and of monopolizing and commercializing information concerning art in general and contemporary dance in particular.

Spangbergianism is now out: 174 pages of reactive hysteria packed into a shiny black paperback. The book’s first release took place in Vienna during ImPulsTanz on July 29, and the book has already stirred discussion and desire for revenge (we are still waiting for reviews). During the upcoming months the book will be released in dance festivals and venues including Stockholm, St Erme, Paris, Brussels, Graz, New York, Mexico City, Madrid, Bologna, Zagreb, Belgrade, Novi Sad and, of course, Sydney. Four thousand copies of the book were printed and it is distributed for free – thus making it impossible for any dance doer or maker not to read it. You can also find a PDF if you click here.
Read it and suffer.

Hosted by SALT Beyoğlu within the scope of the 5th edition of the iDANS Festival
Excerpt from Mårten Spångberg's talk in the Walk-in Cinema.