Screen­ing: Big Men

Salt Beyoğlu

December 1, 2015 19.00

Still from Big Men (2013) <i>Big Men</i> [Büyük Adamlar] (2013) filminden bir kare ©Outcast Films
Still from Big Men (2013) ©Outcast Films

SALT Beyoğlu, Walk-in Cinema

Big Men (2013)
Director: Rachel Boynton
100 minutes
English; Turkish subtitles

The epic tale about ambitious people who uncover a massive and exquisitely rare pot of gold in one of the poorest places on earth, this documentary is a real-life The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.

In 2007 US-based Kosmos Energy discovers the first oil in the history of the West African republic of Ghana. What follows over the next five years is a twisting tale of greed and deception. Director Rachel Boynton’s journey raises vital questions about what fundamentally motivates us: Is unbridled greed an intrinsic part of human nature? And can what unites us ever be greater than what divides us? A remarkable verité portrait of the deeper implications of global capitalism and the quest for oil, acclaim and cash that affects us all.

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