Screening: Anayurt Oteli [Motherland Hotel] (1986)

Salt Ulus

February 25, 2016 19.30

Still from Anayurt Oteli [Motherland Hotel] (1986) ©Fanatik Film <i>Anayurt Oteli</i> (1986) filminden bir kare ©Fanatik Film
Still from Anayurt Oteli [Motherland Hotel] (1986) ©Fanatik Film
Screening: Anayurt Oteli [Motherland Hotel] (1986)
February 25, 19.30
Contemporary Arts Center, Ankara
Yaşar Kemal Conference Hall

Director: Ömer Kavur
89 minutes
Turkish; English subtitles

Adapted from Yusuf Atılgan’s novel of the same title, Anayurt Oteli [Motherland Hotel] is a benchmark both for director Ömer Kavur’s filmography and the Turkish cinema. Responsible for the hotel left behind by his family in an unnamed rural town, the character Zebercet’s (Macit Koper) encounters with depression are reflected in a language that paved a path once uncommon in Turkish cinema.

A woman who arrives on a delayed train, to stay a single night at the hotel but promises to return later, drives Zebercet to obsession, apparent in his sickly relations with his environment, that lay the foundation for an atmosphere of suspense.

Organized in parallel to the exhibition How did we get here at SALT Ulus, the program is free.
Reservations are not accepted.

The film contains nudity. Only suitable for people aged 18 or older.