Planes, Trains,
Automobiles and Boats

Salt Beyoğlu

July 9 – October 1, 2011

A series of video works exploring narratives and issues via the presence of vehicles that feature as social symbols, political motivators or purveyors is being presented in the Walk-in Cinema at SALT Beyoğlu. Planes, Trains, Automobiles and Boats was conceived in response to the first-floor installation Across the Slope by Ahmet Öğüt.


Things We Count
Ahmet Öğüt (2008) 6’20”
The Young Man Was…: Part 1, United Red Army
Naeem Mohaiemen (2011), 70’


Geisterbahn [Ghost Train]
Darren Almond (1999), 9’
Schwebebahn [Overhead Railway]
Darren Almond, (1995), 12’


Asfalt Rundown
Robert Smithson (1994) 12’
Cadillac Ranch, Media Burn
Ant Farm (1975) 37’
Dodge Ram¹
Wael Shawky (2004) 5’44”
Pegasus Dance
Fernando Sanchez Castillo (2007) 12’16”
Shared Propulsion Car
Michel de Broin (2005) 2’48”
Şahin That Looks Like A Doğan: A Story of Modification ²
Özgür Demirci (2011) 2’14”
Short Circuit
Ahmet Öğüt (2006) 3’32”
If Only It Was as Easy to Banish Hunger by Rubbing the Belly as It Is to Masturbate
Guy Ben-Ner (2008) 17’

¹ Originally shown as a two-channel installation.
² This video clip is a short version of a documentary film in progress.


Breaking the Waves
Osman Bozkurt & Didem Özbek, (2009) 10 sec. loop
Upside Down
Osman Bozkurt, (2010), 4’