Thursday Cinema
Kick In Iran

Salt Galata

April 21, 2016 19.00

KickInIran <i>Kick in Iran</i> [İran’da Tekme] (2009) filminden bir kare ©Brave New Work
Still from the film Kick in Iran (2009) ©Brave New Work

SALT Galata, Auditorium

Kick in Iran (2009)
Director: Fatima Geza Abdollahyan
82 minutes
Farsi, English, Mandarin; Turkish and English subtitles

Tehran based professional female athlete Sara Khoshjamal‐Fekri is the first Iranian woman to ever qualify for the Olympic Games. Her qualification for the 2008 Summer Olympics is not only a big success for the young Taekwondo fighter and her coach Maryam Azarmehr, it represents a big step for all women in the Islamic Republic of Iran who want equal rights and more freedom in their country. This documentary tells Sara’s journey from Tehran to Beijing. In a male dominated society based on a rigid interpretation of Islamic laws, people like Sara constantly stretch the limits for women’s freedom.

Sara Khoshjamal‐Fekri’s appearance in the Olympic Games received nationwide support and international attention as well as conservative opposition. TIME magazine named her 22nd in their list of 100 promising athletes to follow in Beijing 2008.

Part of the Thursday Cinema program supported by Garanti Mortgage, this screening is organized in cooperation with the Goethe-Institut Istanbul.
Program is free. Reservations are not accepted.