Thursday Cinema

Salt Galata

April 28, 2016 19.00 – 21.10

Steamboy <i>Suchîmubôi</i> [Buhar Çocuk] (2004) filminden bir kare ©Filmbank Media
Still from the film Suchîmubôi [Steamboy] (2004) ©Filmbank Media

SALT Galata, Auditorium

Suchîmubôi [Steamboy] (2004)
Director: Katsuhiro Ôtomo
127 minutes
Japanese; Turkish and English subtitles

Ray Steam, a prodigy who lives in an alternate Victorian period England, is inventor of steam powered mechanical devices. One day he receives from his grandfather a mysterious metal ball containing a new form of energy capable of powering an entire nation, the Steam Ball. Young Ray Steam must use the Steam Ball to fight evil, redeem his family, and save London from destruction.

A retro science-fiction epic Suchîmubôi [Steamboy] reanimates in detail The Crystal Palace that hosted the first official international world fair “Great Exhibition.” The film depicts the good and evil use of science through the memory of this historic organization, which promised peace and hope through progressive ideals following the 1848 Revolutions across Europe.

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Program is free. Reservations are not accepted.