Thursday Cinema
The Beautiful Game

Salt Galata

May 5, 2016 19.00

thebeautifulgame <i>The Beautiful Game</i> [Güzel Oyun] (2013) filminden bir kare
©Beautiful Game Film LLC
Still from the film The Beautiful Game (2013)
©Beautiful Game Film LLC

SALT Galata, Auditorium

The Beautiful Game (2013)
Director: Victor Buhler
84 minutes
English; Turkish subtitles

The Beautiful Game is an inspirational feature documentary about the power of soccer in modern Africa — a game that is helping to change the lives of individuals and communities across the continent. Millions of Africans’ lives are wrapped up in the “beautiful game.” The documentary interweaves a number of dynamic stories from six separate African countries: Kenya, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, and Ivory Coast. Together these stories reveal how soccer can be an effective social and developmental tool; and how a game can play a crucial role in shaping a new future for Africa.

“A soccer game is a great way to get something done in Africa. Before a game or during halftime you can raise HIV awareness, run for president, or organize your community. And the advances that African soccer players are making is impacting other areas. For instance Emmanuel - featured in our film - may or may not end up playing soccer for the rest of his life. But Emmanuel will take his experiences and his fantastic education back to Ghana and he will help his own community and his country grow.” Victor Buhler

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