Ulus Tour by Funda Şenol Cantek
and Turan Tanyer:
Reading the City

Salt Ulus

May 15, 2016 13.30

bankalarcaddesi Bankalar Caddesi, Ulus, Ankara, 1933 (fotoğrafçısı bilinmiyor)
Turan Tanyer Arşivi
Bankalar Caddesi, Ulus, Ankara, 1933 (photographer unknown)
Turan Tanyer Archive
“Reading the City” offers an opportunity to explore the urban context within which SALT Ulus is located by tracing the area’s cultural, historical and politic tissues. By encouraging participants to uncover their own “urban” borders, which each of us self construct through our daily relationships with the city, personal topographies will be discussed.

This tour is part of the parallel program of Outside the sentence there was a city at SALT Ulus. It is suggested that participants bring their cameras. The tour will be held in Turkish and is limited to six people.

For more information and reservation:
0312 324 3024