Who's in town?
Phu Hoang

Salt Galata

May 25, 2016 19.00

Cloud.Seeding <i>Cloud Seeding</i> plaza pavilyonu, İsrail, 2015 ©Aviad Bar Ness
Cloud Seeding plaza pavilion, Israel, 2015 ©Aviad Bar Ness
SALT Galata, Workshop IV

Coral, Dust, Smog, Seeds and Puddles

The research and projects of interdisciplinary architecture practice MODU investigate architecture’s relationship with weather, and propose significant shifts in traditional modes of environmental thinking: as a conceptual and cultural practice, architecture should be informed by and adaptable to weather. MODU suggests transforming uncontrollable weather through projects that actively produce exterior and interior environments. The projects harness the temporality of weather to create engaging public spaces.

This presentation will relate Phu Hoang and Rachely Rotem’s idea of “weather uncontrol” to their upcoming fellowship at the American Academy in Rome, The Mutating Weathers of Rome’s Ruins.

The talk will be held in English.

Phu Hoang is co-director with Rachely Rotem of MODU, based in New York City. Hoang and Rotem are winners of the 2016-2017 Rome Prize in Architecture.