Thursday Cinema
Suçlular Aramızda
[The Guilty Are Among Us]

Salt Galata

June 23, 2016 19.00

Suclulararamizda 1964 <i>Suçlular Aramızda</i> (1964) filminden bir kare ©Film Fanatik
Still from the film Suçlular Aramızda [The Guilty Are Among Us] (1964) ©Fanatik Film
SALT Galata, Auditorium

Suçlular Aramızda [The Guilty Are Among Us] (1964)
Director: Metin Erksan
98 minutes
Turkish; English subtitles

A necklace, believed to be of great value, is stolen from the estate of a wealthy family in Istanbul. However, it becomes apparent that the necklace has no value at all, and is in fact a fake. This object, causing a matter of pride and struggle for supremacy between the family and the thieves, becomes a symbol of social class conflicts and individual justice. With its structure similar to that of detective storytelling, the film received considerable interest and won Erksan the award for “Best Director” at the 34th Izmir International Fair in 1965, and “Best Social Content” at the Milano Film Festival the very same year.

Part of the 34th Izmir International Fair, a competition between 10 Turkish films took place in the 1st Film Festival organized at Manolya Open Air Theater. The awards were handed at Kübana Casino.

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