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Hammad Nasar

Salt Galata

June 8, 2016 19.00

Wahab Jaffer F.N. Souza’nın Wahab Jaffer’e gönderdiği mektubun zarfı, 1975
Wahab Jaffer’in izniyle
Asia Art Archive, Wahab Jaffer Arşivi
Envelope of letter from F.N. Souza to Wahab Jaffer, 1975
Courtesy Wahab Jaffer
Wahab Jaffer Archive, Asia Art Archive
SALT Galata, Workshop IV

Enmeshed Histories | Entangled Futures

In his talk, Hammad Nasar will contemplate potential propositions, ghosts, and fictions that lurk within the archive. He has, in past presentations, proposed that the archive can be understood as a verb: “a dynamic process that looks beyond the physical aspects of material culture towards the actions that engagement with archives can enable.” Nasar questions how responses to the archive allow it to reshape itself and “what the responsibilities of collecting organisations are towards public accessibility and education, and the historical and political implications of facilitating others to challenge dominant global art historical narratives.”

The talk will be held in English.

Hammad Nasar is Head of Research and Programmes at Asia Art Archive, Hong Kong, and co-founder of arts organization Green Cardamom. He has developed numerous research initiatives for Asia Art Archive with institutional collaborators including Hong Kong Museum of Art; University of Hong Kong; University of Sydney; Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art; Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta; Clark Art Institute; Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and American Institute of Pakistan Studies. Among other activities Nasar has curated or co-curated international exhibitions. He is an editorial board member of Tate Etc., jury member for the Jameel Prize and Art Basel’s crowdfunding partnership with Kickstarter to support non-profits.