Screen­ing: Am Rand der Städte
[On the Outskirts]

Salt Galata

June 30, 2016 19.00

Kentlerin Kiyilarinda Ontheoutskirts 2006 <i>Am Rand der Städte</i> [Kentlerin Kıyılarında] (2006) filminden bir kare
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Still from Am Rand der Städte [On the Outskirts] (2006), with permission of the director
SALT Galata, Auditorium

Am Rand der Städte [On the Outskirts] (2006)
Director: Aysun Bademsoy
83 minutes
Turkish and German; Turkish and English subtitles

Many settlements have ben developed in recent years on the outskirts of the Mediterranean coastal city of Mersin, where sizeable buildings blocks surround a central park, swimming pools, and restaurants. The majority of the residents in these dwellings are known as “Deutschlander” - Turks who have worked in Germany and saved to return to Turkey. Despite expectations, these mostly retired returnees have not entirely arrived to their old roots, as time spent away has caused much to come between them and their country. They prefer to pass their time around residential areas or sitting on their balconies; shut off from the outside and living in isolation. A documentary by second-generation Turkish-German filmmaker Aysun Bademsoy, Am Rand der Städte [On the Outskirts] explores the living conditions in these colonies. The film received the ray-Filmmagazin Award for Best Documentary at the 16th International Film Festival Innsbruck in 2007.

This screening has been proposed by Stephanie Bürkle, project manager of Migrating Spaces, to elaborate the coined typology of “Deutschlander,” and the psychological notion of displacement through reassimilation.

Examining the common elements of domestic architecture in Germany that are integrated into homes built by former guest workers upon their “definitive return” to Turkey, the exhibition Migrating Spaces is on view at SALT Galata until July 31.