Is there a reflection in İstanbul
of the youth uprising in Europe? 1/2

Salt Beyoğlu

October 19, 2011 18.30

Aysim Türkmen
2. Floor

Rebellions against the real estate crisis are being organized in many of the world’s cities. So, how are the youth of İstanbul’s backstreets - residents of a city not impacted by the crisis - experiencing these movements? What are the similarities and differences between İstanbul’s young people and those directly affected by this situation?

Addressing this subject over two 90 talks, Aysim Türkmen will first discuss conditions in the neoliberal city, including increasing separation and the constantly-growing pressures of camera surveillance and police. The second talk will focus on the ever-diminishing spaces that youth of the slums have (or have not) been able to create.

Aysim Türkmen is an urban anthropologist. She directs documentaries on transformations in the city and co-hosts the show Metropolitika on Açık Radyo. Recently, her work has explored the impact of spatial divisions on youth of the slums.

The talk will be held in Turkish.