One and the Many Screenings:
Gecelerin Ötesi
[Beyond the Nights]

Salt Galata

September 28, 2016 19.00

Gecelerinotesi 1960 <i>Gecelerin Ötesi</i> (1960) filminden bir kare ©Atadeniz Film
Still from the film Gecelerin Ötesi [Beyond the Nights] (1960) ©Atadeniz Film
Gecelerin Ötesi [Beyond the Nights] (1960)
Director: Metin Erksan
110 minutes
Turkish; English subtitles

Inspired by a statement by then Prime Minister Adnan Menderes’ “to create a millionaire in every neighborhood,” Metin Erksan’s film Gecelerin Ötesi [Beyond the Nights] (1960) depicts the delusion of a better life, and the individualization and low income of the 1950s population in Turkey. Seven neighborhood friends with divided expectations form a gang to reach their one mutual desire: money. The gang’s first robbery sets a precedent to the film, highlighting the country’s socio-economic conditions prior to 1960 coup d’état and the approach of the “American dream.”

Organized in parallel to the exhibition One and the Many at SALT Galata, the program is free. Reservations are not accepted.