One and the Many Screenings:
Talihli Amele
[The Lucky Worker]

Salt Galata

October 19, 2016 19.00

Talihli Amele 1980 <i>Talihli Amele</i> (1980) filminden bir kare ©Gülşah Film
Still from the film Talihli Amele [The Lucky Worker] (1980) ©Gülşah Film
SALT Galata, Auditorium

Talihli Amele [The Lucky Worker] (1980)
Director: Atıf Yılmaz
91 minutes
Turkish; English subtitles

A depiction of social satire, Talihli Amele [The Lucky Worker] (1980) shows the transformation of a young man who immigrated to Istanbul to provide a better life for his family. With hopes to become a successful mason, he suddenly finds himself the star of a TV commercial. Drawing attention to the rising consumerism culture and its effects on individuals in Turkey, the film was allowed to be shown with a State Council verdict.

Organized in parallel to the exhibition One and the Many at SALT Galata, the program is free. Reservations are not accepted.