Thursday Cinema
Charlie Chan at the Olympics

Salt Galata

December 8, 2016 19.00

Charliechanattheolympics 1939 <i>Charlie Chan at the Olympics</i> [Charlie Chan Olimpiyatlarda] (1937) filminden bir kare ©Hollywood Classics
Still from Charlie Chan at the Olympics (1937) ©Hollywood Classics
SALT Galata, Auditorium

Charlie Chan at the Olympics (1937)
Director: H. Bruce Humberstone
71 minutes
English; Turkish subtitles

Following the Charlie Chan detective series, Chan is this time on the case of international spies suspected of using the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin as a deceitful cover for crime. When a U.S. military plane is hijacked and its top-secret guidance system stolen, Chan heads to Germany to retrieve it before it falls into enemy hands. The film, featuring real Olympic footage from 1936, sees Chan accompanied by his eldest son Lee, face murder, intrigue and mystery during the summer celebrations.

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