Short Film Screenings at SALT Ulus

Emre Hüner

October 22 – October 29, 2016

Emrehuner 2012 <i>Diamond Head Diving Man</i> (2012) filminden bir kare
Emre Hüner ve Rodeo, Londra izniyle
Still from Diamond Head Diving Man (2012)
Courtesy Emre Hüner and Rodeo, London
To accompany Emre Hüner’s series of drawings and ceramic sculptures presented at SALT Ulus, three short films by the artist will be screened in loop on October 22 and October 29.

As in Hüner’s drawings and sculptures, dystopian futures, scientific experiments and unknown geographies are key themes of his film works. The intense color saturation caught by 16mm footage and Hüner’s use of stills to produce moving image works evoke the emotion of looking at the past from a distant future.

Based on Greek Mythological etymology, his use of the title “Aeolian” refers to landscapes shaped by wind erosion, as well as an archipelago in the Adriatic Sea and the circulation of a propeller. The materials seen in the films allude to archeological forms of an unknown era and accompanying readymades have been aligned as “still life” compositions.

With close-ups against a blue screen - distorting perspective and scale perception - Hüner shows the ruins of a fallen utopian dream in Diamond Head Diving Man, its title inspired by a volcanic cone in Hawaii.

Emre Hüner / Joanna Rajkowska exhibition is on view at SALT Ulus until November 12.

Program (looped)

Aeolian Processes #1 (2012)
Director: Emre Hüner
10 minutes

Aeolian Processes #2 (2012)
Director: Emre Hüner
6 minutes

Diamond Head Diving Man (2012)
Director: Emre Hüner
5 minutes