Who is Bozo Texino?

Salt Galata

November 18, 2016 19.00

Whoisbozotexino 2005 <i>Who is Bozo Texino?</i> (2005) belgeselinden bir kare ©Video Data Bank
Still from Who is Bozo Texino? (2005) ©Video Data Bank
SALT Galata, Auditorium

Who is Bozo Texino? (2005)
Director: Bill Daniel
56 minutes

A search for the source of a predominant rail graffiti - a simple sketch of a character with an infinity-shaped hat and the scrawled moniker, “Bozo Texino” - as seen drawn on rail cars for over 80 years, Who is Bozo Texino? (2005) uncovers a secret society and its underground universe of vagabond and rail-worker graffiti.

Shot over a 16-year period, director Bill Daniel rode freights across Western USA carrying a Super-8 sound camera and a 16mm Bolex movie camera. During his travels he discovered the roots of a folkloric tradition that has gone mostly unnoticed for a century. Taking inspiration from Beat artists Robert Frank and Jack Kerouac, and including interviews with legendary boxcar artists Colossus of Roads, Coaltrain, Herby, and The Rambler, the film functions as both a sub-cultural documentary and a stylized fable on wanderlust and outsider identity.