Is this our last chance?

Salt Galata

November 26 – December 3, 2016

Goodthingsawait 2014 <i>Good Things Await</i> (2014) belgeselinden bir kare ©CAT&Docs
Still from Good Things Await (2014) ©CAT&Docs
SALT Galata, Auditorium

Composed to offer a framework in which to question the responsibilities of museums and cultural institutions in the face of devastating effects of climate change, the program Is this our last chance? was initiated at SALT in 2015 to coincide with the COP21, 2015 Paris Climate Change Conference. A second program of nine documentaries that explore a range of actions and enquiries on environmental issues in relation to climate change, will be shown at SALT Galata following the COP22, 2016 Marrakech Climate Change Conference.

The hope remains that discussions through these platforms will encourage action; action that affects SALT’s approach to exhibition making and its structural practices; action that influences working attitudes beyond the walls of the institution; action that feeds into ideas around conservation in general.

All documentaries are shown in English or original language with English subtitles.

In September 2015, SALT announced that it will not accept support from oil, coal, or gas corporate entities.


November 26, 15.00
Marc Francis and Nick Francis, Black Gold, 2006

November 26, 16.30
Phie Ambo, Good Things Await, 2014

November 27, 15.00
Andreas Johnsen, Bugs, 2016

November 27, 16.30
Alessio Rigo de Righi and Matteo Zoppis, Il Solengo, 2015

November 29, 19.00
Zhao Liang, Bei xi mo shou [Behemoth], 2015

November 30, 19.00
Josh Fox, How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change, 2016

December 2, 19.00
Umut Vedat, Kara Atlas [Dark Atlas], 2015

December 3, 15.00
Sandy McLeod, Seeds of Time, 2013

December 3, 16.30
Briar March, Te Henua e Nnoho [There Once was an Island], 2010