Screen­ing: Good Things Await

Salt Galata

November 26, 2016 16.30

Goodthingsawait 2014 <i>Good Things Await</i> (2014) filminden bir kare ©CAT&Doc
Still from Good Things Await (2014) ©CAT&Docs
SALT Galata, Auditorium

Good Things Await (2014)
Director: Phie Ambo
90 minutes
Danish and English; English subtitles

Director Phie Ambo battles for sustainable agriculture following the story of 80 year-old Niels Stokholm, one of the last idealistic farmers in the agricultural country of Denmark. Struggling to maintain his farm biodynamically, as following the principles of Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, Stokholm’s harmonious balance with the planets and the primal instincts of the animals are not too popular with the authorities, who instead subscribe to more conventional ideas of organic farming and threaten to withdraw his cattle license. In Good Things Await (2014), Ambo seeks to demonstrate that alternatives to popular farming practices can and do exist.