Screen­ing: Bei xi mo shou [Behemoth]

Salt Galata

November 29, 2016 19.00

Beiximoshou 2015 <i>Bei Xi Mo Shou</i> (2015) filminden bir kare ©Upside Distribution
Still from Bei Xi Mo Shou[Behemoth] (2015) ©Upside Distribution
SALT Galata, Auditorium

Bei xi mo shou [Behemoth] (2015)
Director: Zhao Liang
91 minutes
Mandarin, French, English; English subtitles

With camera in tow, filmmaker Zhao Liang travels through the prairies of Mongolia’s vast plateau to compose the visually captivating Bei xi mo shou [Behemoth] (2015). Unfolding before Liang’s eyes are the signs of a controversial upheaval caused by an aggressive modern economy, with heavenly green grasslands covered by the gloomy dust of a growing mining industry. Confronted with the ash and infernal din of incessant mining, herdsmen and their families have no choice but to move away as grazing meadows dwindle, while day and night, miners are busy picking out coals from mountains of rocks.