Screen­ing: Kara Atlas
[Dark Atlas]

Salt Galata

December 2, 2016 19.00

Karaatlas 2015 <i>Kara Atlas</i> (2016) belgeselinden bir kare ©Umut Vedat
Still from Kara Atlas [Dark Atlas] (2016) ©Umut Vedat
SALT Galata, Auditorium

Kara Atlas [Dark Atlas] (2016)
Director: Umut Vedat
71 minutes
Turkish, Kurdish, English; English subtitles

Proclaimed in 2012 as “the year of coal,” Turkey has entered 2016 with plans for more than 70 coal-based power plant projects in addition to the 21 plants currently in operation. A crisis not only explained by lack of environmental awareness, the service to construction, iron, steel and cement sectors realizes that a high demand for energy means that these power plants are vital for developing economies working toward company profit maximization, rather than meeting the needs of a growing population. Kara Atlas [Dark Atlas] (2015) maps the struggle against the planned or already existing power plants in Turkey, shedding light on basic human rights and supporting the common voice ranging from different regions and in different languages in attempt to take back these lands.