Perfor­mance: 11 Years


Salt Galata

December 22, 2016 12.00 – 23.00

Logos 03 Fotoğraf: Mustafa Hazneci, SALT Galata, 2016
Photo: Mustafa Hazneci, SALT Galata, 2016
SALT Galata, Workshop II-III

An interpretation exploring the nature of how intimacy and distance interact, how sound and music act as currencies, and how the medium of exchange between two improvisational actors replicates a long-term relationship. The space LOGOS occupies represents possibility and the table upon which they rest symbolizes the everyday objects that witness and facilitate communion.

Each hour of the performance portrays a year of the duo’s relationship. Their 11 hour endurance silently narrates the commitment needed to sustain any union. Over time, through an accumulation of exchanges and the introduction of sound effects the environment will gradually respond and transform their connection.

The performance can be entered at any time during the 11 hour run.

Collaborating on various performans and music projects since 2010, LOGOS members Tina Stefanou and Joseph Franklin will give a talk (English) on Friday, December 23 at 19.00 in Workshop IV at SALT Galata.