Screen­ing: Le mani sulla città [Hands Over the City]

Salt Ulus

February 18, 2017 16.30

Gorsel Image 3 Lamanisullacitta 1963 <i>Le mani sulla città</i> [Şehrin Üzerindeki Eller] (1963) filminden bir kare ©Intramovies
Still from Le mani sulla città [Hands Over the City] (1963) ©Intramovies
Le mani sulla città [Hands Over the City] (1963)
Director: Francesco Rosi
105 minutes
Italian; Turkish and English subtitles

Beginning with the collapse of an apartment building in a working-class district, this film zeroes in on the subsequent investigation of responsibility surrounding the disaster. At the center is Edoardo Nottola (Rod Steiger), a wealthy land developer and council member of the government’s ruling party, who is determined to keep his personal and professional interests in the building of new government housing as intertwined as possible.

Directed by Francesco Rosi, who passed away in early 2015, the film won the Golden Lion award at the Venice Film Festival in 1963, the same year it was released.