Out of the archive

Salt Galata

February 23 – April 9, 2017

Afdivh113 Cropped 1924 yılı ara seçimleri, İstanbul’daki Bebek Camii’nin avlusu
SALT Araştırma, Fotoğraf Arşivi
1924 by-election, Bebek Mosque courtyard in Istanbul
SALT Research, Photograph Archive
SALT Galata, Floor -1

Out of the archive is an exercise in using sources and documents with nine individual presentations deviating from conventional narratives, and reflects the multi-layered nature of data at SALT Research. Accompanied by contemporary texts, the presentations on the -1 floor of SALT Galata underscore the diversity of SALT Research collections in an attempt to encourage curiosity and new inquiries.

Configured as a presentation room-cum-study, the space has been outfitted with furniture that SALT has produced and reemployed, along with display structures presenting visual and textual sources and documents under the institution’s custodianship since its opening in April 2011.

Out of the archive aims to provide a multivalent setting bringing together users of the space and the spectators. The program will be followed by Archive Dreaming, Refik Anadol’s interpretation of the digital content of saltresearch.org through machine intelligence at SALT Galata between April 20 and June 11. In exploring of the archive by diverse methods, these programs is expected to prompt discussions on nearly two million digital documents made available at SALT Research.

A series of talks will be organized in parallel to Out of the archive.

All texts are presented in Turkish.