Thursday Cinema
Gui tu lie che [Last Train Home]

Salt Galata

May 11, 2017 19.00

Guitulieche 2009 <i>Gui tu lie che</i> [Eve Giden Son Tren] (2009) belgeselinden bir kare ©CAT&Docs
Still from Gui tu lie che [Last Train Home] (2009) ©CAT&Docs
SALT Galata, Auditorium

Gui tu lie che [Last Train Home] (2009)
Director: Lixin Fan
85 minutes
Mandarin; Turkish and English subtitles

An emotionally engaging and visually beautiful debut film from Chinese-Canadian director Lixin Fan, Gui tu lie che [Last Train Home] (2009) draws on the fractured lives of a single working family caught up in the annual migration of the Chinese New Year. As China’s cities are plunged into chaos, a tidal wave of humanity desperately attempts to return home by train; millions of migrant factory workers seek out the rural villages where they once left behind families to seek work in the booming coastal cities. An epic spectacle that tells us much about China’s discard of traditional ways as it hurtles towards modernity and global economic dominance, the documentary remains intimate and candid, as it paints a human portrait of the dramatic changes sweeping the country.

This film contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing. Only suitable for people aged 18 or older.

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