NOVEMBER 19, 2011 19.00

Composition, computer programming, guitar, keyboard and vocals:
Zafer Aracagök

In his performance SIFIR [Zero] in SALT Beyoğlu’s Walk-in Cinema, Zafer Aracagök will present his most recent work I WANT TO BE A SUICIDE BOMBER, published October 2011 by White Label Music.

Weaving together 100 quotations from 100 different books as he expresses his desire to be a suicide bomber, Aracagök argues that this desire constitutes the foundations of not only the Eastern subject, but also the Western; it brings both to the brink of an abyss in areas such as politics, love, culture and identity. These quotations, which include a manifesto entitled Somnambulist situationists, are re-interpreted digitally and carried to the “sonic” field with a method the artist calls “composing-decomposing.”

A faculty member in İstanbul Bilgi University’s Department of Visual Communication Design, Aracagök has published articles both nationally and internationally, as well as a number of books on contemporary philosophy (mainly Deleuze). Aracagök’s albums under SIFIR are as follows:

NEREDEORADABURADA [Whereherethere], Ada Müzik, İstanbul (2000)
İNSAN RİTM MAKİNA [Human Rhythm Machine], Ada Müzik, İstanbul (2003)
BEN APTALIM ÇÜNKÜ ÖLÜYÜM BEN ÖLÜYÜM ÇÜNKÜ APTALIM [I’m Stupid Because I’m Dead I’m Dead Because I’m Stupid], Ada Müzik, İstanbul (2006)
DIVIDE BY ZERO, Colin Johnco Records, Paris (2008)
KOG, White Label Music, London (2009)
I WANT TO BE A SUICIDE BOMBER, White Label Music, London (2011)

Somnambulist situationist manifesto
“Why”ing not in order to get ready-made responses to daily media bombardements, and media intellectualisms, Somnambulist Situationists aim at miraculating a sleepwalker’s strategy to re-consider the Situationist Internationalist’s texts towards an un-negotiable, short-circuiting, non-identitarian, and especially a critically pervert position.

How can we hypnotise the Father, or Hegel,? Or better, how can we maintain a drowsy-Hegel not quite awake yet? What if the father is hypnotised so that he can be made to confess his trauma? Isn’t it timely to radicalise détournament as a way of producing the un-Gestalt of a WHATEVER-IMAGE?

How can we hypnotise the Father, or Freud so that psychoanalysis itself is forced to lead the life of a somnambulist? Imagine somnambulist “citizens” who cross the borders for schizo-incesting towards a homosexual-effusion … bachelor-machines.

The undecidable is what lies between one’s eyelids.

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Excerpt from Zafer Aracagök's performance in the Walk-in Cinema.