In Conver­sation: Abbas Akhavan and Laure Prouvost

The Uses of Art: Final Exhibition

Salt Galata

April 26, 2017 19.00

2 Laure Prouvost Laure Prouvost, <i>We would be floating away from the dirty past</i> [Kirli geçmişimizden süzülerek uzaklaşıyorduk], 2015
Fotoğraf: Wilfried Petzi
Sanatçı ile carlier | gebauer (Berlin) ve Nathalie Obadia (Paris) izniyle
Laure Prouvost, We would be floating away from the dirty past, 2015
Photograph: Wilfried Petzi
Courtesy the artist, carlier | gebauer (Berlin) and Nathalie Obadia (Paris)
SALT Galata, Workshop II-III

Abbas Akhavan and Laure Prouvost will discuss their artistic practices with a focus on their commissioned works in The Uses of Art: Final Exhibition at SALT Galata. The artists will interpret how the space and its context could be experienced through imagining new possibilities, which temporarily reframe the institution.

For the exhibition, Akhavan has produced three new site-specific interventions that coexist with the architecture and rhythms of the building and respond to current socio-political realities. Prouvost’s interventions around SALT Galata integrate aspects of earlier works along with site-specific reflections on the spaces and uses of the building. She brings to the surface activities that remain hidden, through intended miscommunications, cultural slippages and storytelling.

Refik Anadol’s media installation Archive Dreaming presented as part of the exhibition opens on April 20. Artistic interventions / architectural gestures by Akhavan, Prouvost and Futurefarmers will be on view from April 27. This exhibition is part of the five-year program The Uses of Art - The Legacy of 1848 and 1989, organized by L’Internationale.

The conversation will be held in English.