Urban Food II

Salt Galata

June 10, 2017 15.00

Sehringidasi Urbanfood 2 Habesha Restaurant’ın izniyle, İstanbul, 2017
Habesha Restaurant’ın izniyle, İstanbul, 2017
SALT Galata, Workshop II-III

How do the food cultures of East Africans living in Istanbul contribute to city’s culinary scene? Initiated last April, the second Urban Food talk will take place with the participation of Dalia Mortada and the managers of an Ethiopian restaurant in Istanbul. In addition to new tastes acquired through migrations to Istanbul, city life and adaptation experiences will also be discussed with the participants.

A series of talks initiated by Kök Projekt in collaboration with SALT, the Urban Food program explores the current food culture in Istanbul, which has been transformed by internal and external migration flows in the past 30 years. With a special focus on productions of Syrian immigrants, who have settled in Istanbul following the war in Syria, the program aims to build a dialogue between various food cultures.

Dalia Mortada is the founder and executive of Savoring Syria, a project narrates the inner kitchen and food stories of Syria and Syrians. Living in Istanbul since 2011, Mortada is part of Culinary Backstreets.

Organized with the support of Istanbul&I community, the talk will be held in English with consecutive translation to Arabic.

The Urban Food talks are open to all.