Long Thursday
June 2017

Salt Galata

June 22, 2017 19.00 – 22.00

Slavsandtatars 2014 Slavs and Tatars, <i>Love Letters No. 9</i> [Aşk Mektupları No. 9], 2014
Sanatçılar ve Tanya Bonakdar Gallery’nin (New York) izniyle
Slavs and Tatars, Love Letters No. 9, 2014
Courtesy the artists and Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, New York
Slavs and Tatars’ exhibition Mouth to Mouth is on view until 22.00 on June 22.

SALT Galata

Floor -1, Ground Floor, Floor 1

Exhibition: Mouth to Mouth
18.00 Exhibition tour in Turkish

After being shown in Warsaw and Tehran, Berlin-based collective Slavs and Tatars’ first mid-career survey, Mouth to Mouth, opens at SALT Galata on June 22. The exhibition brings together the collective’s works addressing cultural translation, shared linguistic heritage, and mysticism in contemporary societies. Taking place across three floors of the building, this presentation highlights the relation between historical shifts in Turkic languages and transformations of political and social systems.

Floor 1, Workshop II-III, 19.00
Lecture-performance by Slavs and Tatars:
Al-Isnad or Chains We Can Believe In

SALT Research
open until 19.00.