Thursday Cinema
Home Movie

Salt Galata

November 16, 2017 19.00

Homemovie 2001 <i>Home Movie</i> [Evde Çektik] (2001) filminden bir kare ©Smugglers Site
Still from Home Movie (2001) ©Smugglers Site
SALT Galata, Auditorium

Home Movie (2001)
Director: Chris Smith
65 minutes
English; Turkish subtitles

From an automated Chicago home to a tree house in Hawaii, from a boathouse in Louisiana to an abandoned missile silo in Kansas, Chris Smith’s Home Movie (2001) interweaves the stories of five unique homes and their owners. Enabling thought into the place of the individual in society and the meaning of home, the documentary engages in the eccentricities of these characters by connecting their narratives through a mosaic of American ingenuity and architectural possibility.

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