Generacija '68 [Generation '68]

Salt Galata

September 21, 2017 19.00

Generacija68 2016 <i>Generacija '68</i> [68 Kuşağı] (2016) filminden bir kare
FACTUM’un izniyle
Still from Generacija '68 [Generation ‘68] (2016)
Courtesy FACTUM
SALT Galata, Auditorium

Generacija ‘68 [Generation ‘68] (2016)
Director: Nenad Puhovski
85 minutes
Croatian; Turkish and English subtitles

A retelling of the historical events from 1968, Nenad Puhovski’s Generacija ‘68 [Generation ‘68] (2016) relays a personal account of the director as a member of the very generation which enthusiastically embraced the notion of revolution at the time. Presenting details regarding the course of social upheavals which occurred in 1968 in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, this documentary film traces the movement’s impact on future generations. By rejecting the notion that the ideals of 1968 were unworkable, Puhovski concludes that following generations will perpetually emerge with new ones - perhaps even more unattainable than before.

Puhovski, whose documentary is an homage the generation of 68, is also the founder of independent documentary production company FACTUM, and ZagrebDox documentary film festival.

A Q&A session with director Nenad Puhovski (in English) will follow the screening, organized on the International Peace Day.